Giving back

Small changes one night at a time

We LOVE Roatan! The only thing more beautiful than the island are its people. Incredibly kind, friendly, accepting and selfless. Many have very little in everyday necessities, housing and physical possessions yet still exude such joy for life. They have inspired us to try to give more to the island then we take, which is no easy task as the island has brought us such happiness.

Initiative #1 Roofs for Roatan: .

For every night at Aire Agua booked directly through our website we donate $10 to purchase materials required to help repair and build housing for those in need on the island. Stay tuned to see updates on how your vacation helped us make a difference.

Initiative #2 Emergency Relief Funds for Guanaja

Tragically on Saturday October 2nd 2021 a fire destroyed more than 200 homes and businesses on our neighboring island of Guanaja. For the month of October we are pausing our Roof for Roatan and pledging $15 from every night booked directly from our website towards rebuilding the island.

Want to donate directly? Use the link below to visit the Go Fund Me page

THANK YOU! In less then a month your direct bookings have helped us raise $210 for Guanaja fire recovery efforts